How to transfer files from phone to computer

Is file-sharing a genuine nuisance for you? If yes then I have something to fix your annoyance and trust me it will surprise you for sure with its brilliant promising performance that is admitted and acknowledged by its millions of users. Xender App is that miracle that transfers all kinds of data within few seconds. Forget about the size of your files as it is fully eligible to transfer all types, all sizes and all formats of files. It is said to be a great addition in file-transferring apps because it literally helps its users in a most remarkable way. The old conventional tools that were used for the transferring of files were useless for sending large and heavy files, whereas xender saves your valuable time and transmits your hefty files in fewer seconds.

how to transfer data from phone to pc

Here we will tell you How to transfer files from phone to computer, as there are several apps for the transmitting of data but xender will be the best choice. You can Download Xender on iPhone in just few clicks.

The transferring of files with xender is simpler, quicker and safer, that’s a sure bet. Try it.

How to transfer Files from Phone to Computer

How to Transfer Files from Phone to Computer

  1. Launch the app on your phone
  2. You would notice a blue-colored button, click that button
  3. Now hit on PC
  4. From the screen turn on the create HotSpot
  5. You will get a message that will ask you to connect your computer with Wi-Fi Xender
  6. Go to the browser
  7. Look at your phone there you will see a web address that will be appearing, you need to provide this web address
  8. Hit ‘Accept’ button that is for the confirmation for connecting your computer and phone
  9. On your computer you will notice names of your phone, Storage + the name of OS vesion
  10. Pick up your preferred file that you want to transfer and then move the cursor on that file
  11. Hit the Download button
  12. Your selected file will be transmitted

Isn’t it really easy-peasy? Without any dilly-dally you will be done transferring your files from your phone to computer. Your files won’t be crashed in a way for sure no matter how mighty it would be.