Gangstar Vegas vs Gangstar New Orleans, which is a better game?

We all know Gangstar Vegas as a complete package of fun that brings horror, drama, thrill and lots of adventures to you, Gangstar New Orleans is a sequel to it. We will discuss here which one is better amongst them. So take a look and see whether Gangstar Vegas is better than Gangstar New Orleans or not?

gangstar vegas vs gangstar new orleans

Gangstar vegas is bigger in size

Gangster Vegas is mighty in size and Gangstar New Orleans is merely of 800MB, it means it is much shorter in size as compare to Gangstar Vegas. Gangstar New Orleans doesn’t function properly on older devices, secondly this is mostly an online game where as Gangstar Vegas is mostly an offline game.

Gangstar Vegas has a well-built story-line

The challenges and missions of Gangstar Vegas are very convincing and well-built, its storyline is well-knitted whereas Gangstar New Orleans has got some good challenges but they come with glitches. As far as the story is concerned then it is Gangstar Vegas carries a weight for sure.

Another feature is that you can play is on multiple devices. You can download Gangstar Vegas for IOS or any android devices. You can also play it on PC.

Gangstar New Orleans has great range of vehicles

Gangstar New Orleans has tons of vehicles, the range of its vehicles is really great. There is also enormous amount of dangerous weaponries and arsenals. Of course things like these boost up your interest in the game. Though there are lots of intense scenes in the game yet Gangstar Vegas is better in giving player a real tough time.

download gangstar vegas for ios

Gangstar Vegas is few steps ahead and Gangstar New Orleans is a bit dull

The components of Gangstar New Orleans contain a bit monotonous in them, an element of novelty could have been added in it. The controls could have been made better and improved. The major reason behind the dullness of Gangstar New Orleans is that there are many things that can be brought in it, many innovations could have been done and this is something chief that is lacking in it and giving an edge to Gangstar Vegas.

Gangstar New Orleans is also a creation of Gameloft and a sequel to a fully adventurous voyage of Gangstar New Orleans yet Gangstar Vegas holds more applause as compare to Gangstar New Orleans. It is more interesting and appealing in many ways. The drama it presents, the grave undertakings it brings seem to be an uninterrupted fun wrapped up in immense thrill, uncertainty and ecstasy.