Fun Ways to Learn Guitar

Learning guitar does not mean to be boring. But, if you consistently practice the lectures and notes, the chances are you will get bored of it. So, along with your regular practices, you should consider learning guitar with different ways such as experiencing guitar games.

There’s no doubt that Rock Band and Guitar Hero were both well known guitar games. Yet, one inquiry appeared to emerge amid those long hours gaming sessions: Why spend a lot of hours figuring out how to play a fake guitar when you could invest that energy figuring out how to play a real guitar?

The appropriate response was self-evident. Figuring out how to play computer game guitar is less repetitive, less requesting and compensated with instant gratification and feedback. Fundamentally, it is less demanding and hence more fun. You simply start up the game, and inside minutes, you are playing the songs you’ve heard on the radio. With genuine guitar playing, it could take a very long time to get to that point. Different guitar games are recommended below:

Clone Hero

Clone hero game is one of the most popular guitar games available today. If you have ever played the guitar hero game, you would surely love to play this clone hero game. The clone hero game is actually the clone version of the original game that is guitar hero. But, the clone version of guitar hero such as clone hero gives you much more than the guitar hero itself.

So, you can enjoy the clone hero game premium features and all that for free. Yes, the clone hero game developers don’t charge anything for this amazing game. The only thing that is confused in the clone hero game is that you always need to install the custom songs in the clone hero game as the game does not come up with the pre-installed songs in it.

However, it can be more fun to play the clone hero game with your favorite songs. Hence, the clone hero game can be a much fun to learn playing the guitar.

Rock Prodigy

This $20 Rock Prodigy mobile application for iPad and iPhone is one of the most earliest endeavors to gamify the guitar playing. It initially propelled in the year of 2010. This app detects pitch to decide whether you are playing the correct note.

The game includes 150 exercises for players of different expertise levels. It consequently tracks your outcomes and advancement. There is likewise a library of almost 100 tunes that you can play while experiencing the guitar gaming. However, this game is not as popular and efficient as the clone hero game.


This game work in a similar way as the above described Rock Prodigy game. GuitarBots provides you instant feedback of your progress in the game and it also enables you to choose from different songs and scaled guitar lessons.

The GuitarBots does not operated on mobile application, instead the users can play this game on the web browser and in case you have system with built-in microphone that’s great, otherwise you need to install he microphone in your system to play the guitarbots game.

These are some of the popular guitar games that you can consider playing while practicing your guitar skill!